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Raise Your Hand If You Want a Sig Sauer P320

Firstly, It is no secret that I am a fan of theSig Sauer P320 Legion Series lineup. When it comes to picking out a Sig there are generally 4 models that stand out for me, the range officer, p320, 1911, and the MCX. Today, I want to talk about one of those firearms, the Sig Sauer P320 Legion.

Secondly, I saw a Sig Sauer P320 at SHOT Show 2018, and I couldn’t help myself. I had to raise my hand. For the past year, the strong grip of the P320 has been steadily crushing my self-preservation instinct under its thumb. Most importantly, The shape of this pistol is simply great, and it feels similar to shooting my XDM’s. Interestingly, this gun has already saved me hundreds of dollars in training costs.

In conclusion, after Smith & Wesson’s M&P striker-fired pistol hit the market, gun enthusiasts were hooked. Smith & Wesson followed with an X-5 model that’s now my favorite pistol. Now Sig Sauer has entered the striker fire fray, with its new P320 model. This time Sig has taken a different approach, designing each of two differently sized models to use both 9mm Para and .40 S&W ammunition.

why should i buy a sig p320?

The Sig P320 rebuilds arms the way they want them, and that is our motto. Every person has different ideas of what makes an ideal gun, so we allow you to pick your favorite. Our versatile pistol meets the expectations of individuals who may be professionals or concealed carry holders or gun enthusiasts who will appreciate their full potential for use.

Sig P320 is a very popular handgun and many people want to know why this pistol is so popular and what makes it an excellent firearm. Today we’re going to take a closer look at the firepower and performance of this gun and see what makes the Sig P320 the perfect firepower for handling any challenge. Sig Sauer P320 is one of the best self defense handguns that are at your disposal. Armed Force as well. For more information on how to select a handgun for your potential or existing needs, please see the page dedicated to handgun reviews .

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