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Tracer rounds 223

Tracer rounds 223 (50 rounds 63gr)

9MM (50 Rounds) Tracer Ammo 120 rounds 223 tracer ammo.  556/ 223  M856  (Orange)  Projectile  Tracer ammo, Commercially reloaded.  This is military tracer ammo and  does not start tracing for approximately 75 to 100 yards so make sure you are shooting them at the proper distance. Tracer ammo can and will start fires so use …

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Bergara B14 HMR

Bergara B14 HMR

Bergara B14 HMR Description. Firstly, the Bergara B14 HMR Bolt-Action Rifle features a #5-contoured, 4140 CrMo steel Bergara barrel with a state-of-the-art action and stock, delivering relible long-range precision.  Secondly, the Bergara action utilizes a 2-lug system with a Sako-style extractor, and a coned bolt nose and breech to ensure smooth feeding, and flawless extraction. …

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grand power stribog

grand power stribog with brace

grand power stribog with brace. The NEW grand power stribog now with a NON-RECIPROCATING CHARGING HANDLE is one of the most anticipated new guns in the USA as well as one of the most highly rated and highly reviewed guns on the market due to it’s rugged design and incredible reliability. The Stribog comes threaded with …

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Glock17 Gen5 Blue Label

Glock17 Gen5 Blue Label

Glock17 Gen5 Blue Label Product Detail Firstly, the new frame design of the GLOCK 17 Gen5 removed the finger grooves for more versatility but still allows to easily customize its grip by using the different back straps. secondly, A flared mag-well and a cutout at the front of the frame give the user more speed …

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sig sauer p365 xl

sig sauer p365 xl

Firstly, the grip of this pistol is textured similar to a fine-grained sandpaper, which aids in holding onto the pistol. The grip is small, which many people expect for a carry gun. However, a large hand can still fit three fingers on the grip. Above the texture on the grip there is one large dimple on each side that allows for a high hold on the pistol with the gun hand. Moreover, this is a well-designed grip, and the gun-to-hand fit is very nice for either right- or left-handed users. Plus, the Sig Sauer P365  metal trigger guard is thin, which helps the gun remain light, and the trigger guard is beveled where it meets the grip to help achieve a high grip on the gun. The frame also includes a rail for mounting lights or other accessories. In conclusion, many pistols of this size are lacking rails.


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