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About the Incendiary 9mm.

Firstly, we have introduced our 9MM Incendiary Tracer (Firestorm Rounds). And .50 Caliber Incendiary Tracer (Firestorm Rounds). Secondly, each of these incendiary tracer rounds project a brilliant white light while simultaneously igniting flammable objects. Moreover, while they enter the atmosphere our .50 Caliber incendiary tracers were designed with the shooter in mind.

Firstly, the 50 cal incendiary tracers will light on impact, and .50cal tracers are the only incendiary. Most importantly, tracer rounds on the market that will light each time they enter the atmosphere. Moreover, testing has been conducted to confirm this quality and make sure the 50cal incendiary tracers work each time. Secondly, See for yourself!


Firstly, our 9MM Incendiary Tracer (Firestorm Tracer) lights as soon as it leaves the muzzle and displays a light. Green to about 50 yards. Secondly, then, the color changes to red and traces another 200 yards, giving you a total range of 250 to 300 yards. Most importantly, upon impact with a  hard surface you will get a daylight visible flash featuring a 4,000 degree flame. However, the extra image has HALF the payload of the 9MM Firestorm tracer. You are buying 12 rounds but bulk quantities are available. Incendiary 9mm

NOT AVAILABLE IN: CALIFORNIA, IOWA, ILLINOIS, FLORIDA, Washington DC OR MASSACHUSETTS or the 5 Boroughs of New York. SORRY. By buying this item you certify that you may legally buy and possess this ammunition in the jurisdiction of your residence. Ammo purchasers are responsible for use and compliance with all federal, state and local laws.

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

Why Are Incendiary 9mm Tracer Rounds becoming widely used.

9MM Incendiary Tracer Rounds by HTI are a relatively new addition to the world of tactical shooting. By enhancing performance, it means that the tracer rounds allow the shooter to locate targets in a night time environment. With identification assistance, it means that when fired, these incendiaries provide a bright orange stream of tracer fire across their trajectory so that you can see your round travel through the air.

Firstly, the best tactical shooters in the world are turning to tracer rounds for their night time target locating capabilities. Most importantly, tracer rounds are designed to produce an easily visible trail of light that is used to track the trajectory of the round in flight. Moreover, this allows ranged firing to take place at various lengths without needing to visually locate the target.

Tracer rounds are commonly used for night time tactical situations. A tracer round works by using an outer casing that contains small pyrotechnical mixture that reacts with the gun powder to produce a running flame. There are many different types of tracer ammunition available depending on the task you are looking to accomplish.


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